About Panchawati Spiritual Foundation

Panchawati Spiritual Foundation was envisioned by Sri Satya Narayana Sarma who is a disciple of Sri Sri Ramakrishna lineage and an initiated disciple of Srimat Swami Gambhirananda Ji  and Swami Nandananda Ji of Ramakrishna Order.


We wish to lead our lives according to the ancient wisdom of Indian Yoga-Vedanta-Tantra methodology as interpreted in modern times by Lord Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi and Jillellamudi Amma.

We walk in the footsteps of the above three great divine personalities to reach the divine abode under the guidance of our guruji Sri. Satya Narayana Sarma.

Panchawati Spiritual Foundation was conceived in the year 2014 with the idea of imparting true spiritual education and training to aspirants.  It is a spiritual organization that guides people on the path of true spiritual enlightenment.