1 May 2015

The 7th Spiritual Sadhana Retreat happened at Sri Saila Maha Kshetram from 1-5-2015 to 3-5-2015. Among the 89 members of Panchawati group,only 21 were fortunate to attend this retreat.Remaining members missed this grand chance.

In the light of Vaishakha Full Moon, all the members spent about 60 hours in sadhana without entertaining any thoughts of their mundane life.

Among them, 20 members were given first level of initiation into sadhana which is called ‘Prana Adjustments Initiation’.

On the third day i.e the full Moon day,during the pleasant hours of the dawn,a select few of 5 members were given the Second Level Initiation called ‘Kundalini Activation Initiation’.

During the three day camp,deeper things from some chapters of my book ‘Sri Vidya Rahasyam’ were explained to the members.

All the members had strange spiritual experiences during this three day camp.They were somewhat surprised to see the immediate results which some of them could not get even after years of sadhana in other methods.

Exactly on the Full Moon day which is most auspicious for Hindus and Buddhists alike,a discussion was held to explain how to translate their experiences into daily life and how to tackle the day to day situations with a yogic vision.

On the day we landed there (30-4-2015) there was a sudden downpour in hot summer for half an hour or so with heavy winds.After greeting us briefly,it suddenly ended.It arose from the direction of Kadali Vanam,a place about 16 Km away from Srisailam and returned again towards the same direction and vanished.

The great devotee of Lord Siva,Akka Mahadevi,the great virasaiva saint Sri Allama Prabhu,Adi Shankaracharya,Lord Dattatreya and many other great siddhas did penance in this place and sanctified it by their presence.Akka Mahadevi and Allama Prabhu entered into Mahasamadhi at this very place and merged in the great Lord Shiva.

We accepted this sign as a timely greeting from the great Siddha Gurus.

Guruji advised all the initiated members to do sadhana regularly and rise higher by the time next sadhana retreat is held in the coming months.

We exhort all the members of Panchawati who could not make it this time,to acquire the necessary qualification to attend the future sadhana retreat.