6-8-2015 is Guruji birthday as per Hindu calendar, so we planned a spiritual retreat on 6th and 7th at Guntur. About 20 members of ‘Panchawati group’ from far off places like Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Anantapur, Vizianagaram, Armoor and also from Vijayawada, who are close to Guruji and who can sync with his ideology easily have attended this retreat.

First day began with a simple Puja. From 9 AM Guruji started explaining the esoteric meaning of AdiSankara’s ‘DakshinamurtyStotram’ stanza by stanza till 1 PM.This wonderful hymn to the Universal Supreme Guru, Lord Siva in Dakshinamurty form is the essence of Advaita Philosophy. Though it is a hymn of 10 slokas, it contains the whole Non-dual philosophy in those 10 stanzas. It is such a wonderful work and we wonder how AdiSankaracharya could summarize his whole philosophy into those 10 short slokas beautifully.

The first sloka commences by saying that the entire universe is dependent on the first cognition of your ‘I ness’ and ends with the 9th sloka which says the entire universe with its Eight movable and immovable entities is totally permeated with Lord Siva.

This seminal work,though short in form, is pregnant with a wonderfully grand truth which explains the philosophy of Advaita in such a beautiful brevity.

After lunch, we had a lively discussion on Astrology. Guruji explained to them his method of Astro analysis, practically demonstrating with the help of many Astro charts. This session was so lively with jokes, laughter and went on till 5 PM.

Meanwhile, around 3.30 PM, during Sun Hora, we launched our new web site “Ma Panchawati.org“. After dusk, we all meditated on the terrace for an hour or so in darkness, had a lively chatting session during dinner and went to bed.