27 July 2018

Book Release – Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (Telugu) E Book

Today is Guru Poornima.

With prayer of “Parama Siva” who is Eternal and Lord of this universe, today we are happy to release Our Sixth Book in Telugu which talks about “Vijana Bhairava Tantra – A practical guide for many tantra sadhakas” in E Book format. This book belongs to Kaulaachaara in Tantric Parlance and comes under Bhairava Aagama in Aagama Sastra. This book contains 112 Pranayama, Dhaarana procedures which were told by Lord Parameswara to Mother Parvati. This book is like Bhagavat Gita for Tantra Sadhakas.

This is a practical guide book and we encourage readers to practice the dharana kriyas mentioned in this book with guidance from proper guru.

Book is available on Pustakam.Org and Amazon.com