Book Release – Sri Dattatreya Yoga Sastram in Telugu & English

The science of Yoga according to Lord Dattatreya, is a compendium of the Yogic practies followed during the ancient times. This book is in the form of a dialogue between Lord Dattatreya and a seeker named Sankriti. A brief description of the different paths viz.; Hatha, Laya, Mantra and Raja Yoga is given in the book. However, the practices Hatha YToga are emphasized more.

Lord Dattatreya is considered to be the incarnation of three divinites viz,; Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. He is a great Yogi and is believed that he taught the knowledge of ‘Sri Vidya’ to Lord Parasurama. For the followers of the paths of Siddha and Avadhuta, he is the supreme master. The various sadhana practices briefly explained in this book have to be learned from a competent Guru as it is not possible to explain all the hidden meanings in a book.

We feel out efforts are not in vain if this little book makes the reader to practice Yoga diligently. We believe that this book also fulfills the spiritual thirst of seekers like our earlier publications.

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