14 May 2018

We are pleased anounce that our Second Edition of Sri Vidya Rahasyam(English) is released as e-book due to popular demand. Second edition comes with an additional chapter on Four Aachaaraas explained in 61 poems. We are sure that this will fufill the thrist of sadhakas, enthusiasts and spiritually inclined people in knowing the real meaning of Sri Vidya Tantra. This release will make readers to download e-book to their personal devices like smart phones, laptops etc.

Srividya Rahasyam is the essence of the Tantras, Vedas and the Upanishads which shows the reader a complete and unique path of Sadhana for Self and God realization. This ebook explains the core of ‘Sri Vidya Upasana’ making it an Upanishad in itself. The book is a treasure mine for a sincere seeker who wants to follow the path of Sri Vidya which was passed on to humanity by ancient Sages and Rishis of India. It urges the reader to apply the Sadhana principles in practical life under the guidance of a competent Guru. It leads the reader through the mystic path of ancient India and lands him in the lap of the Divine Mother and Father dispelling misconceptions and
unfounded fears about the path.

Book is available on Pustakam.Org and Amazon.com