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Book Release – Maha Souram (Telugu) Print Book

28 December 2018 Book Release – Maha Souram (Telugu) Print Book ‘Maha Souram’ Telugu print book has been released at Jayarambati on Divya Janani Sarada Ma Jayanti i.e. 28 December 2018. Book is available on Pustakam.Org and

Book Release – Sri Jaabala Darsanopanishat Book in Telugu & English

Book Release – Sri Jaabala Darsanopanishat EBook in Telugu & English The Upanishads, which are the end portions of Vedas are storehouses of Jnana. However, there are a few Upanishads which exclusively deal with Yoga. Sri Jabala Darsana Upanishad is one among the twenty Yoga Upanishads available to us. In this Upanishad, Ashtanga Yoga is […]

Book Release – Sri Dattatreya Yoga Sastram in Telugu & English

Book Release – Sri Dattatreya Yoga Sastram in Telugu & English The science of Yoga according to Lord Dattatreya, is a compendium of the Yogic practies followed during the ancient times. This book is in the form of a dialogue between Lord Dattatreya and a seeker named Sankriti. A brief description of the different paths […]

Spiritual Retreat – Guru Poornima 2018 at Guntur & Jillelamudi

Spiritual Retreat – Guru Poornima 2018 at Guntur & Jillelamudi Per Hindu Calendar, Our Guruji Janma Tithi(Aashada Bahula Saptami) came on 4th August this year. As practiced in past, Guruji conducted two days spiritual retreat at Guntur. Generally our retreats are conducted at either Srisailam or somewhere else but considering the suggestions from our members, […]

Spiritual Retreat – Guru Puja Utsav 2018

July 27, 2018 Spiritual Retreat – Guru Puja Utsav 2018 Guru Poornima is a sacred day to a Spiritual Seeker in our dharma. This day is celebrated on janma tithi of maharshi Veda Vyasa in our culture. Veda Vyasa is considered to be universal teacher. He classified all the spiritual knowledge into 4 Vedas, 18 […]

Book Release – Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (Telugu) E Book

27 July 2018 Book Release – Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (Telugu) E Book Today is Guru Poornima. With prayer of “Parama Siva” who is Eternal and Lord of this universe, today we are happy to release Our Sixth Book in Telugu which talks about “Vijana Bhairava Tantra – A practical guide for many tantra sadhakas” in […]

Book Release – Secret Of Sri Vidya (English) E Book Second Edition

14 May 2018 We are pleased anounce that our Second Edition of Sri Vidya Rahasyam(English) is released as e-book due to popular demand. Second edition comes with an additional chapter on Four Aachaaraas explained in 61 poems. We are sure that this will fufill the thrist of sadhakas, enthusiasts and spiritually inclined people in knowing […]

Book Release – Sri Vidya Rahasyam(Telugu) E Book Second Edition

15 April 2018 We are pleased anounce that Our first ever publication Sri Vidya Rahasyam(Telugu) is released as e-book due to popular demand. This edition comes with an additional chapter on Four Aachaaraas explained in 61 poems. We are sure that this will fufill the thrist of sadhakas, enthusiasts and spiritually inclined people in knowing […]

Seminar – Astrology Workshop 5

Panchawati Spiritual Foundation offers opportunities for growth not only in spiritual sadhana but also in allied matters like learning Indian Astrology, Yoga, Martial Arts and Alternative Medicine. There are many in this group who are learning the Astro science at fast pace and growing as very good Astrologers. As they are well educated people working in various fields in managerial capacities, they could grasp the logic of the subject very well.

On this eventful day, the astrologers of our group have explained various topics of Astrology through their power point presentations.

Birth time rectification

How to unearth the exact birth time of a person when it is not recorded? What are the principles of Nashta Jataka (lost horoscopy)?. Sri Surya Narayana has explained this concept very well in his presentation.

Analysis of 10th house

Profession is the most important area of human life because it feeds us. Sri Satyendra has explained how to analyse the 10th Bhava of a chart with a live example very well.

How to read a Chart?

The importance of intuition in the art of Astrology and how to commence reading of a chart are the areas touched by Smt. Ratna Papa, a woman astrologer of Panchawati Spiritual Foundation.

Naadi Astrology

Sri Vamsi who is an expert in this system of Astrology has shared his experience with the audience in a very simple manner.

Retro Planets and their meaning

Retro planets are the real hard nuts to crack in the science of Astrology. They baffle even the big heads in Astrology. Sri Janardan, Joint secretary of Panchawati Spiritual Foundation (India) has explained the meaning of retro planets and how to understand them in chart analysis.

Good and bad planets – How to understand them?

The concept of good and bad planets in Astrology is a very important one which decides the correct reading of a chart to a large extent. Sri Raju Sykam, MA (Astrology), Secretary of PSF (India) has explained very ably our method of understanding a chart with respect to the good and bad karakatvas of planets.

Roles of Sun and Moon in chart reading

Lastly, I have explained how to understand the roles of two great luminaries, the Sun and the Moon in chart reading. I have also touched upon the basics of the deeper subject of ‘Spiritual Astrology’.

In this way, many deeper subjects of this divine science were covered by our able astrologers. I congratulate all of them for their untiring efforts in understanding this ancient science and urge the remaining members to come forward to participate on these topics in our future seminars.

Book Release – Sri Lalita Sahasra Nama Rahasyardha Pradipika

10 December 2017 “Panchawati Spiritual Foundation” is growing fast into a spiritual family based on the foundation of divine love. Our latest book is ‘Sri Lalitha Sahasra Nama Rahasyardha Pradipika’ (The secret meanings of the thousand names of Lalitha Devi) written by Guruji. This book was successfully released in print as well as E-book at […]

Spiritual Retreat – Guru Poornima 2017

19 July 2017 Salutations to the Guru, who is of the nature of Eternal Consciousness, taintless, and who transcends space, time, Bindu (zero/nothingness), nada (sound) and kala (divisions). Full moon day during Aashaadha month is known as Guru Purnima day. Traditionally this day is reserved for Guru Puja or Guru Worship. On this day disciples […]

Spiritual Retreat – Secunderabad 2017

5 February 2017 Guruji stayed at Secunderabad for three days on 3rd,4th and 5th of February 2017.During these three days, Panchawati members stayed with Guruji, discussed many topics on Astrology, Palmistry, and our sadhana path.

Spiritual Retreat – Sri Sailam 2016


The 7th Spiritual Sadhana Retreat happened at Sri Saila Maha Kshetram from 1-5-2015 to 3-5-2015.Among the 89 members of Panchawati group, only 21 were fortunate to attend this retreat. Remaining members missed this grand chance. In the light of Vaishakha Full Moon,all the members spent about 60 hours in sadhana without entertaining any thoughts of […]

Seminar – Astrology Workshop 4 on Medical Astrology

12 December 2016 We have successfully conducted the 4th Astro Workshop focusing on ‘Medical Astrology and Nadi Principles’ at Hyderabad. About 50 enthusiasts attended this full day workshop and enriched their knowledge. We believe that this miracle has happened only by the grace of Maharshi Bhrigu who is the father of Nadi astrology. We hereby […]

Seminar – Astrology Workshop 3


30 August 2015 The 3rd Astrology workshop was successfully conducted at Hyderabad as planned. About 55 persons attended this workshop and spent a whole day with me learning and discussing my method of analysis which I developed though study and research from 1995. The whole day was very lively and joyful with friendly interaction with […]